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Welcome to REWI Graz

Samstag, 13.11.2021

Visiting Professor Dagniselys Toledano in Graz

We are pleased to welcome Professor Dagniselys Toledano from the University of Havana as a visiting researcher at REWI Graz! In spring 2020, Dean Bezemek and Dean of Studies Schmölzer were guests in Havana and a cooperation agreement was signed between REWI Graz and the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana. We met Prof. Toledano for an interview.

REWI Graz: Prof. Toledano, we’re happy to welcome you at REWI Graz! What are your plans for your research stay?

First of all, I would like to thank the University of Graz for the opportunity to carry out this research stay, which is the first step in the cooperation between our law faculties. The main purpose of this research stay is to deepen the investigation of energy law issues, especially those related to renewable energies specifically and climate change in general, because of its relevance in environmental law. We are very interested in University of Graz´s vast experience and highly prepared academics and scientists in these topics. Your knowledges and research outcomes will undoubtedly contribute to the development of Cuban studies on these topics. We also intend to set the basis for systematizing the exchange between our faculties, which could include seminars, courses and the joint research.

REWI Graz: In your research, you are currently dealing with climate change, energy and environmental law. What makes these subject areas special for you?

In recent years, environmental protection has become an essential issue for mankind. The degradation of the environment and difficulties associated to climate change are some of worldwide biggest problems, which knows no borders. All human beings have the obligation to do something to reverse the current environmental situation. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate myself to the study of these issues and contribute from the law to the training of new generations that will face this situation, both with teaching and research actions.

REWI Graz: That is very interesting! How do Cuba and Austria differ in the areas of climate change law?

In order to talk about possible differences between our two countries normative situation, it is necessary to start by mentioning our similarities.  Both governments are willing to strengthen regulations and promote actions to address climate change. Both Austria and Cuba have governmental strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change, in correspondence with international commitments assumed. However, regarding the legal framework, Cuba has not reached Austria’s development. Addressing climate change is a priority for my country, which has set concrete short-, medium- and long-term goals. To achieve these objective environmental authorities are working hard to strengthen current legislation.  We hope to contribute with the results of our research to this process, taking into account the experiences and scientific results of the research on the subject developed by the University of Graz.

REWI Graz: We have one final question for you: What do you like most about Graz so far?

Well, that is the most difficult question you have asked me, since I have seen many impressive things during the few days I have been in the city. As you know this is my first time in Graz, but the affection and kindness of the people who have received me have made me feel at home. I am also captivated by the amazing beauty and conservation of the city.  I have also been able to appreciate that Graz University is an excellent research and training center, with many opportunities for the development of learning in all areas of knowledge. I will make the most of my stay here and I hope to have the opportunity to come back one day.

Prof. Dagniselys Toledano is a specialist in Cuban Environmental and Energy Law. She deals with Climate Law, which is particularly important to Cuba as an island state. She taught at the Universidad Bolivaria des Venezuela, Interamerica University of Puerto Rico and Vigo University in Spain. Now she teaches Cuban Environmental and Energy Law with a focus on climate protection at the Faculty of Law in Graz. Her research interest in Graz is environmental and Energy Law, focusing on the EU and Austria´s Climate Law.

Toledano will be doing research at REWI Graz until the end of November. On November 18 (5:00 pm, Moot Court Room B/E) she will give a lecture  on the topic

“A view of Cuban Environmental, Climate Change
Renewable Energy Law”


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